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Two roles of music in running

Turn up the radio! I need the music, gimme some more

I sure needed my mp3 player for Wednesday morning's run.

Probably had something to do with the large dinner I had the night before.

Yeah, not long into my run I switched from my ebook to the run countdown on my iPad, and from ambient music to some good old rock and roll.

Two ways music helps me get through a run

16-06-01The first thing music helps me with is distraction: Getting my mind off the run and on something else.

Yeah, sometimes that means cranking it up loud enough so I can't think about the aches and pains, but as long as I'm only pushing myself and not actually hurting myself that's OK with me.

The second, and more powerful way music helps me through my runs only works with certain songs.

These songs provide a boost, add and extra umph to my step, and somehow magically re-energize me and help keep me going.

They aren't always the same songs, and I think the reason has to do with my mood as well as how often I've played the particular song during recent runs.

That said, any runner's playlist should contain dozens of these potentially energizing songs, enough to insure no matter what mood the runner is in, they'll have enough variety to keep them going.

Time for a change

In my case, it's become obvious that I desperately need to update my playlist.

There's only so many times a week that “Holding out for a Hero” or “Keep your head up” are going to be able to energize my run.

So today I thought I would try something different and ask YOU what some of your favorite running songs are, in the hopes that you'll be able to help me update my running playlist.

So just reply to this post to let me know, and thank you very much in advance for sharing!

Wednesday's score: Shawn 1, Couch 0.

Run twenty seven's stats: Time 30m, Dist 2.88, Cals 460, Steps 4966

Written by Shawn Tierney, a Fat Man who Runs in hopes of becoming less fat!

NOTE: If you want to join in and share your own experiences, or just cheer me on, please feel free to use the comment form below. Or if you would like to guest post on, send me a message via my Facebook Page HERE

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