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Tough Night Run

Moving to evening runs is starting out rough

So I really, really do very much prefer running first thing in the morning!

However, other considerations have pushed me into a 7×12 work week, and the only way I've found to truly get 12 hours of work in a day is to start work early (this morning that was 4am)

So, of course that means there's no time in the morning for a run, forcing me to have to switch back to running at night.


And after three (unplanned) days off from running, I just completed run number seventeen, but it was a very hard one.

I started out at my planned speed for this week, 5.5 mph, but a third of the way in I had to drop it back to the high 4s as something was just off (like I couldn't breathe lol – hope the life insurance is paid up!)

Might of been the lack of sleep, stress, results of not eating healthy this weekend, taking three days off from running, or something else? I'm really not sure.

Or maybe it was all of that combined?

So while today won't go down as the best day of my life, I survived, got something accomplished, and even though I was really tired and just plain down, I STILL RAN!

Kudos to me!

On a side note, never be afraid to give yourself kudos when you fight back that inner voice telling you to just take it easy, and you instead actually get out and run (or do any type of exercise.)

The fact is YOU deserve those Kudos, and you're also very likely the only one who will ever notice that you do.

So you have my express permission to celebrate your victories! (And if you share them with me here on this, blog I'll celebrate them with you too!)

Finally, about your voice message / text / invite / poke / etc…

With my new work schedule, I've pretty much had to cancel the little R&R I use to give myself each week.

So if you're trying to text me, call me, Facebook me, email, message me, or otherwise contact me outside of work, I will very likely be very late in getting back to you.

In fact, It's likely my phone won't even be on most of the week.

It's sure not by design, but it's taking all my concentration to try and get 12 hours of work in every day, plus run, so everything else is life is being put on hold.

Just until things turn a corner.

So until then, please know I'm not trying to be hard to reach, I'm just working all the time and finding it hard to get anything else done besides work and run…

But one thing I'm not going to forget to do today is update this day's scoreboard, which I'm happy to say is: Shawn 1, Couch 0.

NOTE: Did you beat the couch, easy chair, or other temptation today? Well then feel free to respond to any of my posts with your story and score (i.e. Your Name 1, Your Temptation 0!)

Written by Shawn Tierney, a Fat Man who Runs in hopes of becoming less fat!

NOTE: If you want to join in and share your own experiences, or just cheer me on, please feel free to use the comment form below.
Or if you would like to guest post on, send me a message via my Facebook Page HERE, but due to my new work schedule please don't be put off if it takes me awhile to respond 🙁



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