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Still Running… 2017

It's been nearly six months since I wrote in this my running journal, but during that time I've continued to run anywhere from two to six times a week.

Over that time one fact has become more and more apparent: The ease and speed of my runs are directly related to my diet and weight (ok, like this should be obvious, right?)

And this week was no exception.

After spending the holidays eating big meals with loved ones, I really struggled all week to get back up to my planned running speed of 5.4 mph:

  • 17010701/01: 5.1mph
  • 01/03: 4.95mph
  • 01/04: 4.85mph
  • 01/05: 5.2mph
  • 01/06: 5.4mph

On the bright side, my lovely wife and I have agreed to cut out the carbs starting on the 15th, and I expect this one change to be a huge step in getting back to my 2013 weight and running speeds.

I also hope  to update this blog at least once a week to track my progress.

Wish me luck!


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