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Running twenty minutes uphill sucks

As in, “I was sucking wind all the way up”

Camping season has officially started here in the North East, and that means my weekend runs will take place outside our current campground which borders the Berkshire hills.

16 05 14And while the current route my wife and I favor does keep us on paved roads, it starts with a mile and a half uphill run.

Now three hundred feet may not seem to be a very steep incline over that distance, but as you can guess it’s not a constant uphill grade.

Instead, it’s more of a series of small hills mixed in with gentle inclines, a few of which are slightly downhill.

That said, after twenty minutes running up those hills I was completely winded, sucking in air so noisily I figured it must have been quite embarrassing for my wife to be running with me.

I was so winded in fact, that I was still breathing heavy when I made it all the way back down.

As hard as it was, now that I’ve completed it I feel quite accomplished.

It would have been so easy to stay in and lounge on the couch or computer, which is how I became so fat it the first place.

But with some persistent encouragement from my wife, I put my work aside and ran run number twenty two for over forty minutes, half of which was uphill, allowing me to say…

Today's score is: Shawn 1, Couch 0.

And today's stats are: Pace 12:42, Time 42m, Dist 3.26, Cal 618, Steps 6723, Elev 290ft

Written by Shawn Tierney, a Fat Man who Runs in hopes of becoming less fat!

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