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Monday Morning Run

A dry summer morning is a great time for a run

Thanks to a little prodding from my wife, I got off the couch this morning and joined her for a 5K run in our little Northern Berkshire town.

Not that it was easy getting me off the couch. Even though it was only 5am, being self employed you're never off the clock, and I was knee deep responding to customer messages.

That said, I'm glad I was able to put it down and quickly gather all my outdoor running gear in time to join my wife for a run without making her too late for work.

My Outdoor Running Gear

The most important piece of gear I have are my Asics running shoes, and this morning I opted for my three year old pair as I knew keeping up with my wife was going to really push me, and that's not a run to break in new shoes.

The second most important piece of running gear I have is my iPod Shuffle with Yurbuds (earbuds that don't fall out while running!)

If you've read any of my previous blogs, you probably know that sometimes the only thing that gets me through a run is some good old fashion Rock and Roll.

The third thing on my list for an outdoor run is my GPS watch. I currently use a FitBit Surge which I love everything about except for the plain black and white display.

I really wish they would come out with an updated version with a nice HD color display!

The forth thing on my list for an outdoor run is a hat. Yes, a runners cap is a must for me as flying bugs of all types somehow can't resist my balding head, and while wearing a hat definitely makes me too hot, it's better than getting bitten by a big old horse fly!

Fifth on my list is a pair of sunglasses. Being a fat man I also have a fat head, and it's not easy finding a cool pair of sunglasses that fit well and won't fall off during runs and bike rides.

But after a couple of years I have to give kudo's to the makers of my current pair as they have definitely stood the test of time.

Finally, if I'm running a 5K race I like to bring along few personal items (car key, atm card) as well as my cell phone running Map My Run.

To carry it all I use a SpiBelt, a handy nylon belt with a zippered expanding pocket that comfortably carries all of the above mentioned items.

And that's my outdoor running gear. If you use different gear I love to hear what it is, just leave a common at the bottom of this page.

Monday's score: Shawn 1, Couch 0.

Run twenty nine's stats: Time 41m, Dist 3.40, Cals 645, Steps 6894

Written by Shawn Tierney, a Fat Man who Runs in hopes of becoming less fat!

NOTE: If you want to join in and share your own experiences, or just cheer me on, please feel free to use the comment form below. Or if you would like to guest post on, send me a message via my Facebook Page HERE

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