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It’s the second thing I do

Day Three Complete!

Not that is was easy or anything, mostly because I didn't sleep well.

Why didn't I sleep well? The three beers and buffalo wings I had for dinner.

Yeap, even though I know I typically don't sleep well after having beer and wings or pizza, some Friday nights the temptation is too great!

That said, I do want to share one trick I've learned to avoid talking myself out of running:

Making my run the second thing I do each morning

Over the last three years I've had the most success getting myself to run when I do it right after waking up and spending some quite time with a cup of coffee or OJ.

Did you say quite time?

Yeah, that's because if I watch the morning news first, it usually puts me in a sour mood (I've since renamed those shows, “the morning's bad news.”)

If I instead browse the web, I find I'm transported minutes or even hours into the future, with little time left to run (and wondering where my morning went!)

And if I leave running to the afternoon or evening, that little voice in my head has time to completely wake up and think of dozens of excuses why I should take the night off.

So that's why I try to make running the second thing I do each morning.

Today’s score: Fat Man 1, Couch 0

Written by Shawn Tierney, a Fat Man Running in hopes of becoming less fat!

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