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Hotter is Harder

It was ninety degrees on a cloudless day with high humidity

As I was running down the main street of one of our small Berkshire cities, the heat of the July sun was weighing me down.

July 4th 2013As I began to run slower and slower, other runners I had passed a couple of clicks back started passing me, including a very tall and stocky man I internally referred to as “Bobby.”

I’ve never met “Bobby ” or whatever his name is, but I guessed he was at least six and a half feet tall and 280 pounds.

He was a man who looked like he would be more comfortable on a construction site than running the July 4th 5k in downtown Pittsfield, but at that moment he was doing much better than I was.

However what really made “Bobby” stick out to me was that he was wearing a very black Boston Bruins hockey jersey with the name Orr on the back.

If you lived in New England in the early Seventies, you’ve heard of Bobby Orr, just like anyone not living under a rock knew of Larry Bird in the eighties, and Tom Brady today.

And I knew if the big “Bobby Orr” jersey wearing man was passing me, I was really running out of gas.

I eventually made it to the finish, and beat my wife and three of my kids, with my oldest son and active marine having crossed the finish line before me.

But that day I did learn a very special lesson: When the heat and humidity get turned up, it may take every available ounce of energy and endurance to keep going.

Late morning runs are the second floor aren’t what they use to be…

16-05-27And that’s the story that came to mind as I was running on the treadmill late yesterday morning.

Even with a fan, the heat on the second floor of my home is substantial, and make running much harder than normal.

And that hopefully will give me the extra incentive to get my runs in earlier, especially now that my the current large project I been working on at works is coming to an end.

Yesterday's score: Shawn 1, Couch 0.

And run number twenty six's stats were: Time 30m, Dist 2.87, Cals 455, Steps 4951

Written by Shawn Tierney, a Fat Man who Runs in hopes of becoming less fat!

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